Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY Framed Chalk Board

I've had this huge bulky picture frame lying around in my garage for the past 4 years, just collecting dust and taking up space. And now that my 2 year old has the urge to color on my walls with crayon instead of her Dora coloring book, I've decided before things get way out of hand with her artistic needs, Id make her something she can draw (scribble) on to set forth the opinions, and feelings that come to her as she grows. 
A chalk board! 
For a 2yr old what could be better then a big space on the wall dedicated just for her and framed with a vintage, gold picture frame...
 So here it is, my DIY framed chalk board.

  • Picture frame
  • Flat board, drywall, mirror, metal sheet, anything that will fit into the frame. Flat hard surface.
  •  Fluffy roller with removable head, and a removable sponge head.
  • White paint primer.
  • Chalk board paint or spray paint.
  • Very fine sand paper.
  • Some kind of frame to wall attachment. To hang up your project.
  • Chalk for drawing. 
1. First off you want to make sure that the surface you are using as your C.B. (chalk board) is wiped down, clean, dry and ready for step 2.
2. Give the drywall (which is what I used) a good coat of the primer paint, when its finished drying, go ahead and give it a second coat.
3. Once the primer has dried, use your very fine sander or sand paper and in circular motion start sanding the whole surface of your to be C.B.
4. Next you want to get a clean moist towel, and wipe the surface of the C.B. This will get rid of all the dust from the previous step; and will give you a smoother surface.
5. Now you can either use Chalk board paint or spray paint. My husband decided to try out the spray paint first. WRONG IDEA..... didn't work for us, left and an uneven look. But feel free to try it out for your self. I went over the spray paint with the regular chalk paint. (in a can) and it covered everything right up. Once your first coat dries add a second coat. Let completely dry. At least 24 hours before hanging up or drawing on it.
6. Attach the drywall to the frame and the frame to the wall. Enjoy.

 Happy DIYing everyone.

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  1. This Board is Huge! She will definitely have time using it! And Great Job on it Irina!